Chatakdar Kharda (चटकदार खर्डा )

Kharda or Thecha (ठेचा ) is a kind of chatni which is very popular in most of the households in Maharshtra . This spicy hot chatni gives your tastebuds a raw taste which is hard to find in any of the processed spreads.

8 green chillies
8 garlic cloves
Crushed peanuts -1 tblspn
Salt to taste


  • Put the garlic cloves and green chillies on gas burner and roast them till brown.

  • When these 2 main ingredients are roasted , they give a very rustic kind of smell and taste.
  • Let them col down for 5 minutes .
  • Now put them in a grinder and add crushed peanuts and salt and grind coarsely.
  • Remember the chatni should be coarse as if they are pounded.
  • You can enjoy this Kharda with Bhakri or Chapati aur any variety of bread.

A lot of people prefer to saute the chlilies in garlic in hot oil. But this one with gives a very raw taste just like the food cooked in villages . So try it today !! HAPPY COOKING!

Chandana Mungre Kashid
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