Chiili Paneer (चिली पनीर )

Here comes the weekend :-)) This time i had decided that before i begin with my 'dhobi list' of tasks for the weekend, i will cook something of  hubby's choice for his lunch box and the dish which is always in his favorite list is CHILLY PANEER.

Chilly Paneer is a perfect blend of the 'Indian & Chinese' cuisine which can be served as a starter and in the main course. I had learnt this recipe from my Chachi who loves to experiment with the dishes and i must say the result is always 'delicious'.  So here comes the recipe :

Cubed Paneer -250 gms
1 Medium Capsicum - cut into strips
1 Big Onion - cut into thin slices
4-5 Garlic cloves - finely chopped
Soya Sauce - 1 tablesppon
Tomato Sauce- 1-1/2 tbspn
Chilli Sauce - 1tbspn ( can add more as per taste)
Salt to taste
Oil for frying Paneer

Method :

  • Put oil in a frying pan and fry the Paneer cubes till golden . Put them aside
  • For the sauce, add chopped garlic, onions and capsicum and saute till brown

  • Add all the sauces viz. tomato sauce, soya sauce and chilli sauce
  • Add the fried paneer cubes and simmer till the sauce coats the fried paneer 
  • To serve it as a starter , use toothpicks to arrange pieces of capsicum ,panner and onions.

A lot of people like to dip the paneer in cornflour paste to make them crisp. But if the dip is not consistent , the paneer cubes absorb a lot of oil and make them heavy to digest. 

If you want to serve it with the main course (or as a sabzi) , you can add some water or puree of 2 medium size tomatoes which not only gives a thick gravy but also enhances the color and the taste . Try this today and do let me know in case you know any other way to make the recipe. Happy Cooking :-)))

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  1. I replace panneer with Babycorn and it turns out fabulous.

  2. Is it ??? will surely try.. Sorry for late reply..saw the comment just now.Thanks :-))


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