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For the past so many days, I am sharing the दादीमा के नुस्खे type cooking tips with some of my friends and acquaintances who are extremely generous in sharing appreciation for my posts . Few of them wanted me to share some general tips for 'day-to-day' cooking :-) So here i am with some useful cooking tips :

  • To make crispier Puris ,add some rawa while kneading the dough.
  • Vegetable lying in the fridge for quite some time?? Fill a bowl with cold water , add few drops of lime and soak them for 15-20 mins and Ta Da!!! your veggies are bright and fresh to make a salad !
  • Want to add a subtle garlic flavour to salad? Rub a garlic pod inside the salad bowl before tossing it !
  • Too much salt in Curry ?? Add raw potato chunks to the curry and cook it for few minutes. The potato will take in the extra salt easily. 
  • If the shell sticks to hard cooked eggs, put them in cold water for 5-10 minutes and the peel would come off quickly.
  • To keep fruits and vegetable fresh for long , wrap them in newspaper before refrigerating !
  • To make thick and yummy curries , always add hot water
  • After boiling pasta or noodles, put  them under running cold water to make them non-sticky.
  • If you want to keep home made ginger-garlic or chilli paste fresh for a longer time , add some hot oil and a pinch of salt to it.
  • To make dosa or uttapam crispier, add some sugar  to the batter.
  • Want to make clean slices of cake or bread? Soak the knife in warm water for few minutes and wipe it with a clean cloth. Now use it for slicing the cake.
  • Never put a lid while cooking methi as it will make the veggie bitter.
  • Always add salt only when the vegetable is almost cooked.
I am sure each of you must be having hundreds of such tips in you kitty. Do share with us to help others do a smart work in the kitchen. 


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